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Toma Pruidze

Owner/IRF Instructor.
Former sportsman-kayaker. He has won numerous international competitions. Since 2012 he founded a rafting club. He soon began commercial activities and has been successfully operating in the tourism sector for 9 years.

Aleksandre Kenchadze

Rafting instructor.

He is a certified guide. Who has many years of experience in rafting tours. He is also a tour guide for horse riding tours. He has been trained in first aid and is ready for any situation.

Valerian Balandini

English and Russian speaking guide, mountain guide, certified rafting instructor.

He has many years of experience in tourism. Differs in a sense of humor. Like all other guides, he received first aid training.

Givi Tsirekidze

Certified rafting instructor. He is also a hiking guide.

He has been trained in first aid. His kindness and friendliness leave no one indifferent.

Sergey Sazonov

Certified (IRF) raft guide and class 3 trip leader, kayak instructor, guide of the “Association of Georgia guides”

Alexey Zhdanko

Certified (IRF) raft guide. kayak instructor.

Khatuna Shangua

Tour operator. public relations PR, marketing.

Nodari Chkhikvadze

Photographer, programmer.

The biggest travel lover.

Irakli Shangua

Russian speaking driver-guide.

Davit Kravchenko

English speaking driver-guide.

Giorgi Tsirdava

Certified Canyoning Guide.

Alexandre Shanava

Certified Canyoning Guide.